We carry any item that is in season and many that are not. Because we are so close to the New England Produce Center we are able to keep up on all the latest shipments coming in from around the world. We have long-standing relationships in the Center that will bend over backwards to get us the best quality and price available, often below what others are paying.

If the item you need is not on the list below, please call us and we will give you the latest information on that item.

Don't forget, we offer our unique, custom Fresh Cut Program. Once we know what product you want, we can also prepare it for you, saving your company on labor, overhead and waste. Standard "Fresh Cut" items are noted below in yellow.

4/24/14 6:57 AM

Anise / Fennel Jicama Peppers, St. Nicholas
Apples, Fuji 88's Juice, Grapefruit *Orchid Island* 4/Gal Peppers, Suntan
Apples, Gala Juice, Orange *Orchid Island* 4/Gal Peppers, Yellow, 11 lbs
Apples, Golden Delicious 88's Kale, Green Peppers, Yellow, Sliced, 5 lbs
Apples, Granny Smith 88's Kale, Salad Savoy Persimmons
Apples, Mac. 100's Kiwi Fruit Pickles, Chips 5gal
Apples, Red Del. 88's Leeks Pickles, Dill Spears 5gal
Artichokes Lemon Juice Pickles, Half Sour 5gal.
Arugula, Baby Lemon, Fresh Leaves Pickles, Kosher Dill 5gal
Asparagus, Pencil, 11 lbs Lemon, Grass Pineapples, Golden 7 Ct.
Asparagus, Standard, 11 lbs Lemons, 95ct, 115ct, 140ct, 165ct, 200ct Sunkist Plums
Avocados, 48 Hass Lettuce, 24 Ct. Calif. Pomegranate
Bananas, Green Tip Lettuce, 24 Ct. Cello Potatoes Purple 50lbs
Bananas, Petite Lettuce, 50/50 Blend Potatoes, Blue A Size
Bananas, Plantain Lettuce, Artisan Mix Potatoes, Cali.
Bananas, Yellow Lettuce, Baby Iceberg Potatoes, Chef
Basil, Bag, 1 lb Lettuce, Boston Potatoes, Diced 1/2", 30 lbs
Basil, Crate Lettuce, Frisee Potatoes, Diced 3/4", 30 lbs
Bay Leaves Lettuce, Green Leaf Potatoes, Fingerling
Beans, French (Haricot Verts) Lettuce, Green Leaf Fillet Potatoes, French Fry 3/8" Cut
Beans, Green Lettuce, Hydro Boston Potatoes, Golfball, 30 lbs
Beans, Green, Snipped, 5 lbs Lettuce, Lola Rossa Potatoes, Idaho 120 Ct.
Beans, Wax, Snipped, 5 lbs Lettuce, Mesclun Potatoes, Idaho 40 Ct.
Beans, Yellow Wax Lettuce, PC. Salad Mix, 5 lbs Potatoes, Idaho 50 Ct.
Beets Lettuce, Radicchio Potatoes, Idaho 60 Ct.
Beets Candy Stripe Lettuce, Red Leaf Potatoes, Idaho 70 Ct.
Beets, Gold Lettuce, Romaine Potatoes, Idaho 80 Ct.
Blackberries 12 Ct. Lettuce, Romaine Fillet Potatoes, Idaho 90 Ct.
Blueberries 12 Ct. Lettuce, Romaine Heart Potatoes, Idaho, 10/5 lbs
Bok Choy Lettuce, Romaine, Cln/Cut, 2.5 / 3 lbs potatoes, Mixed Pee Wee 5lbs
Bok Choy, Baby Lettuce, Shredded, 2.5 & 5 lbs Potatoes, Peeled Bucket, 20 lbs
Broccoflower Lime Juice Potatoes, Peeled, 30 lbs
Broccoli, 14 Ct. Limes, 36's, 54's, Bulk Potatoes, Peeled, Idaho, 20 lbs
Broccoli, Crown Mango, 9's Potatoes, Purple
Broccoli, Florets, 5 lbs Micro, Bulls Blood 8oz Potatoes, Red Bliss A, 50 lbs
Broccoli, Rabe Micro, Celery 8oz Potatoes, Red Bliss B, 50 lbs
Broccolini Micro, Rainbow Mix 8oz Potatoes, Red Creamers, 50 lbs
Cabbage nappa Mint Potatoes, Red, Diced 1/2", 20 lbs
Cabbage, Bag Mushrooms, Beech, 3 lbs Potatoes, Sliced, 20 lbs
Cabbage, Cole Slaw, 5 lbs Mushrooms, Button, 10 lbs Potatoes, Whole, 20 lbs
Cabbage, Green Crt. Mushrooms, Cello 8 Oz. Potatoes, Yukon Gold
Cabbage, Green, Shredded, 5 lbs Mushrooms, Chanterelle, 6 lbs Radish, Bulk, 25 lbs
Cabbage, Red Crt. Mushrooms, Chef Mix (King Oyster,White & Brown Honshimeji and M Radish, Cello
Cabbage, Red, Shredded, 5 lbs Mushrooms, Crimini Radish, Daikon
Cabbage, Savoy 15ct Mushrooms, Enoki Radish, Sliced, 5 lbs
Cactus Pear Mushrooms, Hand Sliced, 10 lbs Raspberries 12 Ct.
Cantaloupe Balls Mushrooms, Large P/A, 10 lbs Rhubarb
Cantaloupe, 9's, 15's Mushrooms, Maitake Rosemary
Carrots, Baby Peeled Rainbow Tv 5Lbs Mushrooms, Med. Washed, 10 lbs Rosemary, Skewers
Carrots, Baby Peeled Tv 5 lbs Mushrooms, Morel, 3 lbs Sage
Carrots, Baby Slim 1Lbs & 25Lbs Mushrooms, Oyster, 3 lbs Scallions
Carrots, Baby W/ Tops 24ct Mushrooms, Porcini Shallots, Dry
Carrots, Cali. Cut, 50 lbs Mushrooms, Portabella, 5 lbs Shallots, Peeled, 5 lbs
Carrots, Cello, 48/1 lbs Mushrooms, Portabellini Soup Mix, 5 Lbs. Bag
Carrots, Cut/Chef, 50 lbs Mushrooms, Royal Trumpet Spinach, Baby
Carrots, Diced, 5 lbs Mushrooms, Shitake A, 3 lbs Spinach, Cello
Carrots, Peeled, 5 / 25 lbs Mushrooms, Woodear Spinach, Washed, 5 lbs
Carrots, Shredded, 2.5 / 5 lbs Mustard Greens Sprouts, Alfalfa Bulk lbs
Carrots, Sliced, 5 lbs Nectarines Sprouts, Alfalfa Cup
Carrots, Stick, 5 lbs Okra Sprouts, Bean, 10 lbs
Carrots, T40 Mini Cello Olive, Pitted Kalamata 5 Gal. Sprouts, Brussel
Cauliflower Orange Onions, 20/2 lbs Squash Baby Sunburst
Cauliflower, 12's Onions, Boiling Squash, Acorn
Cauliflower, Florets, 5 lbs Onions, Chipolinni Squash, Blossoms 50ct
Celery , Root lb Onions, Colossal, 50 lbs Squash, Butternut, Peeled, 10 lbs
Celery, 24 Ct. Calif. Onions, Common squash, Chayote
Celery, Diced, 5 lbs Onions, Diced, 5 lbs Squash, spaghetti
Celery, Fine, 5 lbs Onions, Pearl Squash, Summer Bu.
Celery, Sticks, 5 lbs Onions, Peeled, Sliced, 5 lbs Squash, Summer Med.
Chard, Bright Light Onions, Red Jumbo, 25 lbs Squash, Summer Sliced Lbs.
Chard, Green Swiss Onions, Red Med., 25 lbs Squash, Zucchini Bu.
Chestnuts, Whole Pld Onions, Red, Peeled, 25 lbs Squash, Zucchini Fancy
Chicory Onions, Red, Peeled, Sliced, 5 lbs Squash, Zucchini Med.
Chive Onions, Rings, 10 lbs Squash, Zucchini, Baby
Cilantro Onions, Spanish, Jumbo, 50 lbs Squash, Zucchini, Sliced, lbs
Clementine Onions, Spanish, Peeled, 25 lbs Star Fruit
Coconut Onions, Super Colossal Strawberries 12 Ct.
Corn, Bicolor Oranges, 138's Tarragon
Corn, Bicolor, Peeled Oranges, 48's Thyme
Cranberries, Fresh 1Lbs Oranges, 56's Thyme, Lemon
Cukes, Hydro Oranges, 72's Tofu, Extra Firm 6 Ct.
Cukes, Pickle Oranges, 88's Tomatoes, 4x5 18 lbs
Cukes, Super Select Oregano Tomatoes, 5x6 25 lbs
Cukes, Super, Sliced, 5 lbs Papaya Tomatoes, 6x6 25 Lbs.
Dill Parsley, Curly Tomatoes, 6x7 25 Lbs.
Edible Flowers Parsley, Flat Tomatoes, Cherry
Eggplant, #1 Parsnips 25lbs Tomatoes, Cluster
Eggplant, Chinese Peaches Tomatoes, Grape
Eggplant, Sicilian Pears, 90 Ct. Tomatoes, Mixed Medley
Eggs, 15 Dozen Large Loose Pears, Asian 14ct Tomatoes, Plum, 25 lbs
Endive, Belgian Peas, Snow, 10 lbs Tomatoes, Spec., 25 lbs
Escarole Peas, Snow, 2x Snipped, 1-5 lbs Tomatoes, Sundried, 5 lbs
Figs Peas, Sugar Snap, 10 lbs Tomatoes, Tomatillo
Fruit Salad, 5 lb. Peppers, Cubanelle Tomatoes, Vine Ripe
Garlic, Colossal, 30 lbs Peppers, Green, Extra Large Tomatoes, Yellow 10Lbs
Garlic, Peeled, 5 lbs Peppers, Green, Medium Tomatoes, Yellow Pear
Ginger, Hawaiian Peppers, Green, Sliced, 5 lbs Turnip, Peeled And Diced
Grapefruit, Red Peppers, Habanero Turnip, Peeled, 10 lbs
Grapes, Green Seedless Peppers, Jalapeno Turnip, Waxed, 50 lbs
Grapes, Red Seedless Peppers, Long Hot Vegetable Mix, Pre-Cut, Bag, 2 lbs
Greens, Collard Peppers, Orange, 11 lbs Watercress
Guava Peppers, Poblano Chile Large Watermelon
Honeydew Balls Peppers, Red, 11 / 15 / 20-25 lbs Watermelon, Seedless
Honeydew, 8's Peppers, Red, Sliced, 5 lbs Yam, Jumbo
Horseradish Root, 5 lbs Peppers, Serrano Chilies Yam, Peeled, 10 lbs